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Sales dropped for a Big Distributor, which lead them to CSI Canada.

Not long after moving from Germany, where I was trained, as a surgical instrument technician, I started to build my business here in New Brunswick. I would travel from hospital to hospital, region to region and before I knew it, province-to-province, and then on to the USA.

I had started to make a name for myself, but I had no idea of the toes that I would be stepping on.

It would seem that the hospitals that I was servicing were no longer making their routine, large-volume orders for new instruments they always had. People in my industry were talking and a large surgical equipment distributor soon approached me. We eventually started working together, which seemed to make sense: they would sell new instruments and I would service them. We would make their clients happy by fixing their equipment and through CSI’s involvement, improve their overall quality.

But less than two years into the partnership, things started to change. It was suggested that maybe I was doing too good of a job and their bottom line was suffering. Needless to say, our partnership ended.

From my perspective, I see that as a compliment. I would rather provide top quality instruments to customers and have a reputation based on excellence, than have more business at the expense of quality.

I always thoughts this country was built on innovation and pride; that is why I chose to move to Canada more than two decades ago. I still feel that way and always will.

So I say to you, send me your instruments for proper repair, even the ones tagged unrepairable. To prove our statement send us 3 of your unrepairable instruments for free repair.

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